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Xmasdeco was developed by The Xmas Designers. This team of decorators has over ten years experience supplying professional Christmas decorations for all kinds of locations, such as restaurants, hotels, shops and theatres.

Back in 2011, they came up with an idea; to develop a complete package that includes the best lifelike tree and all the accessories needed for decoration. Not just ordinary lights and plain bulbs, but carefully designed and detailed pieces. For the lowest price possible, i.e. best value for money.

Existing artificial Christmas trees just don’t look very real. That is why they decided to develop a whole new range of Christmas trees by themselves. The design of these trees truly stands above any other tree currently available in the market. Really lifelike. After designing the trees, they selected the right ornaments for each tree, in the right colors, shapes, sizes and designs. This resulted in no less than 60 different packages for you to choose from!

You simply can’t go wrong with buying a complete package at Xmasdeco. Apart from pre-assembled LED lights, the package includes: artificial snow, shiny tinsels, ornament hooks, a green garland to ‘hide’ the metal Christmas tree standard, and an instruction film with useful tips and do’s and don’ts.

The result: with the greatest ease and for the best price an extremely complete, sustainable and simply magnificent Christmas tree!

In addition to the trees they offer a matching assortment of items for your tree. The collection includes wreaths, garlands and other decorations.

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Due to continuous production and logistics challenges in 2022 and 2023, we cannot guarantee the delivery and support in the way you can- and are entitled to- expect from us. Therefore, we are currently unable to deliver our Xmasdeco collection during the 2023 season but please leave your email to get a notification as soon as we can do so again.

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