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Premium and Luxury

Difference between Premium and Luxury total packages

The reasons for the price difference between the Basic and Luxury packages

The difference between the Basic and Luxury packages are caused by two reasons:

1] The trees in the Luxury total tree packages have PE tips at the end of the branches, making the tree look even more natural and life-like. See the pictures below for the difference.

2] The Luxury total packages contain more ornaments as well as more luxury ornaments. This means that proportionally the Luxury total packages contain more luxurious ornaments.

Click here for the Basic Collection
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Difference between Basic and Luxury Collection


The trees in both packages are slightly different. Because of the layered structure and asymmetrical design both trees are amazingly real and life-like. The Luxury trees are more detailed with the PE twigs on top of each branch. These extra twigs makes the tree look like a traditional Nordman Christmas tree, and gives the tree an even more natural look and feel.
On the left side you see the Luxury tree with below the Luxury PE twig. On the right side you see the Basic tree.


In the Luxury package you will find more ornaments, but comparing with the basic packages also more larger baubles and more baubles with sparkling decorations.
On the left side you see the Luxury tree. On the right side you see the Basic tree.

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