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Add more Christmas magic to your home with our fabulous additional items. This includes baubles, wreaths and garlands in all different shapes and sizes. Decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room with our additional items. Garlands can be used to decorate your table, mantelpiece or windowsill. The garlands are available in different sizes and different colors to choose from. You can choose between a garland with a length of 100 cm, 150 cm feet en 200 cm. Especially our Luxury Garland Bright and Silver and the luxury Garland Milka are very popular. The lovely and trendy garlands are decorated with LED lights and baubles in different sizes, giving it the perfect Christmas appearance.

Where you can use the garlands for inside house decoration, a wreath is perfect for decoration outside. Decorate the front door with a luxury wreath to give visitors a warm welcome during the cold months. A wreath on the front door gives your home a luxurious and warm look. However, these wreaths can be used inside as well, for example on your dinner table on Christmas eve. All wreaths are decorated with baubles and LED-lights creating a beautiful Christmas decoration. You can choose between different colors such as warm milka, warm bordeaux, bright silver and refreshing green. The wreaths are available in two sizes, 50 cm and 75 cm. Just like the garlands and baubles, the wreaths are fire-resistant. The LED-lights in the wreath have a warm color.

A little bauble tree is a cute addition to your Christmas decorations during the holiday season. The decoration is tree-shaped and looks like a little Christmas tree being filled with as many baubles and LED-lights as possible. Because of the many ornaments and colors, the bauble tree has a very luxury and exuberant appearance. Sizes of the bauble trees vary between 40 cm, 80 cm and 120 cm and will therefore be the perfect fit for your living room, bed room or dining room. The bauble trees are, of course, available in different colors as well.

Last but not least, we provide a selection of ornaments for your Christmas tree. They come in packages of four and include two plain and seamless ornaments and two with sparkling decorations. Order our luxury hooks as well to make your tree look even more special.
Make your Christmas complete with our fabulous additional items. Order before 16:00 and we will deliver your package within 48 hours. Have a very merry Christmas!