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As discussed in our marketing actions we would promote the service to our clients for more support in online promotion of the Christmas decor. This also based on what Gina suggested last year with the posts of The Peninsula. Let’s make sure we can make this happen this year (and use it as a unique USP to our clients)!


For this we can offer the clients an additional service package. We can charge an amount, but give it for free to some key clients.


Part of the services: (please advise and add your suggestions)

– xx nr of blog / posts with text and supportive designs or images to communicate in the weeks or months before Christmas.

– video of setup with text and explanation to be shared on social media

– Unique QR code to be used in communications

– Custom made landing page

– 3 products to organise a “Win” action where quests can win a decoration matching with the actual theme


I will make a promotional pdf for this.

I will also get an example QR code and landing page from Carolien.


What I want to ask you is to get a design of a label to hang in a christmas tree or decoration.

Find the attached sample layout. Should be black leather with the whie stitch and then the following content:
– QR code

– Text: #SharingChristmasMemories

– Scan, share and win!

Size I suggest we do something like 30cm long and 15 or 12 cm wide. We can also produce smaller ones for smaller decoration or a really large one in case we place a 10+ meter christmas tree… Would be good to show this label in several settings.

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