UNIQUE: At Xmasdeco you'll buy a Nordmann artificial Christmas tree including a 5-year warranty, and yes, also on the lights!
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14 May 2021

Xmasdeco B2B

✔️All-in-One Packages ✔️Sustainable ✔️Pre-order discounts  ✔️Pay on Account ✔️5  Years Hassle Free Warranty

Xmasdeco has been bringing Christmas into thousands of households over the past decade. Thanks to our in house design and production facilities, we are able to provide luxury Christmas decorations of the best quality, against the right price. Xmasdeco is part of The Xmas Designers – a team of professional decorators for whom it’s Christmas 24/7, 365! Our Christmas decoration is truly world famous and can be admired during the festive season on 5th Avenue New York, Victoria’s Secret, the Burj al Arab in Dubai, The New World Shanghai Hotel, and Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand in Amsterdam.. to name a few!

Our all-in-one packages are unique and offer you an easy to use (and very complete) product that anyone can use to put up the overly decorated Christmas tree.
All packages come with:

– A tree of choice with the most natural look thanks to our signature layered structure
– High quality babyles with authentic luxury metal caps
– Stylish metal hooks to hang the decoration
– Garland to cover the base of the tree
– preset LED lights in all trees, warm light: 2.000 Kelvin
– Abundance of ornaments, a luxurious selection of up to 300 ornaments
– High-quality reusable boxes to store the tree again after the exhibition season, so that many years of Christmas joy come!
– Instructional video for assembling and decorating the Christmas trees
– Safety certificate
– 5 Years warranty

On our website, you will find more information about the types of trees we offer. In the links below you will find more specified information about each tree, like number of branches, needles and LED lights per tree. You will also find all there is to know about the different types and sizes of trees, with or without decoration.

Our exclusive Xmasdeco tree comes in three versions; The Basic Tree, the Luxury Tree and Snow Trees. All tree species are spectacular, but you can read more about the differences in the accompanying documentation. This mainly has to do with the number of decoration included, the size of the different decorations and the branches of the trees. More detailed information can be found here 

All our trees are fire-resistant and come with safety certificates.


We offer decoration in the following colours; Bright & Silver, Golden Mocca, Purple Milka, Refreshing Green, Warm Bordeaux and Warm Copper. The decoration consists of high quality baubles with authentic metal caps. All luxury ornaments include stylish hooks and come in strong reusable packaging which not only allows for safe shipping, but also safe storage. The ornaments consist of a variety from 4 to a whopping 15 cm. in diameter in matching tones for a truly sparkling Christmas. For that finishing touch, all packages include tinsels ánd artificial snow.

It is possible to receive a mixture of colours, or even produce ornaments in your own brand colours if you include this preference in your order with deadline before 1. July 2021.

If you are interested to decorate your business with Xmasdeco, please contact us on: business@xmasdeco.com

Wether you have one store which you care to decorate, or a whole franchise where you want to sell our products, we can cater to all needs. For wholesale we can provide a full setup for Shop in Shop Display and depending on the order volume, we can discuss wholesale prices. If you are interested to sell Xmasdeco products in your store visit the Wholesale page or contact us on: wholesale@xmasdeco.com

All of the decoration we provide is made from recycled material, and for every Xmastree we sell, we’ll plant a real tree. We consider our products to be a one time investment as they are built to last. This we underline with our 5 Year Hassle Free Warranty on Everything

Besides our extensive collection of Christmas Trees and Decorations, we now offer the exclusive opportunity to customise promotional articles with your business logo / colours, in a very unique way; Our design team we came up with the  ultimate Xmas promotional gift, the MINI MAXI Tree; a foldable 2D Xmastree made from sustainable wood and 100% customisable that fits through any mailbox. The MINI MAXI Tree will brighten up any workspace and smiles are guaranteed 🙂

For more information, visit the Xmasdeco MINI MAXI Tree page. 

You can (pre)order via the website, you will receive a free Tree Topper with your order if you use the code: “befirst” at the checkout. If you would like to receive more information about decoration suitable for your business, please contact: business@xmasdeco.com If you would like to order larges volumes against discounted rates, we will need to have an order confirmation prior 1. July 2021. Please contact: inquiry@xmasdeco.com For quick questions or a call back request we are 24/7 available on WhatsApp: +31 6 38 37 94 63

In case the articles are intended for several locations and/or also several areas within the locations, we can assist with the logistics. We supply all products  with information for the relevant areas and of course pack them accordingly for each delivery. If required, we can also provide services for installation and dismantling. Once we have received an order and distribution estimate, we will provide you with an offer for the delivery, so this will normally be stated at a later point in time. If you would also like us to make a quote for delivery or add it to the price, it’s helpful to get the locations (areas at least) and items per location.

If you confirm the order before July 1st 2021, we can combine our productions and shipments and offer a discount of 10% on the total order.

Thanks to our in-house product design & development teams, we offer matching decorations like wreaths and garlands in different sizes. If you are looking for something in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us: business@xmasdeco.com

For quick questions or a call back request we are 24/7 available on WhatsApp: +31 6 38 37 94 63


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